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Hi Brillionaire,

I am excited that you are ready to protect your brilliant brand protection. As a black entrepreneur and attorney, I know how hard it is to move forward successfully in business. In fact, many entrepreneurs, entertainers, creatives, and influencers move forward in business endeavors without an attorney, which is not a good idea. To help brilliant people just like you protect your brilliance, our office is offering our best brand protection promotional of 2023 (2/13/2023 through 2/17/2023) for Black History Month. We want to help you protect your brilliance, so book our trademark service today.


$500 Off

My Story

Hi, I am Michelle J. Miller, and I am the owner of The Brillionaires Law Firm.® I grew up in some of the toughest neighborhoods on the south side of Chicago, where I experienced many traumas and tragedies. Despite my upbringing, I saw education as a tool to use to excel in life. I became a first-generation college graduate, and during my last year of college, I decided to pursue my dreams of becoming a lawyer. If you did not know, Black women are only 2% of the legal profession. I unexpectedly found myself being a single mother going to law school - two times. I found myself faithfully doing ministry work in my church, going to law school, and then dealing with imposter syndrome as the only black person in my law department for years, all while being a single mom that never received child support. I recognized that I was my best investment, so I did not give up on my goal of finishing law school and being an attorney. Fast forward to starting this law firm; I must admit it was a leap of faith because my company dismissed one-third of our legal division, and I was impacted. At the same time, my daughter was in her first year of college. I started my law firm, and a short time after, the world was shaken by a global pandemic. I have successfully survived it all, and my story is still being written. The one thing I want to do is pay it forward, and for this reason, I am doing some special things for Black History Month. This Black History Month promo is available to everyone, so if you have wanted to work with us, now is a great time to book our basic trademark package.


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