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Chief Esquire Officer & Managing Attorney

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The M. J. MILLER Law Firm, LLC® dba The Brillionaires Law Firm® was founded by Michelle J. Miller. We are a boutique law firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois founded by celebrity international business, trademark, and entertainment attorney, Michelle J. Miller. We serve clients across the United States and around the world. Michelle founded the firm to serve goal-getters because she is one. Michelle obtained two law degrees as a single mom and she has persistently pursued all of her goals, including being a woman of color who owns a law firm. Most recently, in 2022, Michelle obtained a Certification in Financial Analysis and Valuation for Lawyers from Harvard Business School Online.

Michelle obtained her Bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, her JD from DePaul University - College of Law, and her advanced law degree (LLM) from the University of Illinois Chicago - School of Law. She has also served as a guest speaker for conferences, classes, seminars, virtual events, workshops, and international events. She is a sought-after speaker and best-selling author of "REGISTERED: How to Protect Your Business, Brand, & Bucks with Trademarks" and "Trademark W.E.A.L.T.H" a book co-authored with Financial Guru & Entertainment Executive, Dr. Lynn Richardson®. Michelle is proud to be part of the 2% of black women in the legal profession in the United States and she loves encouraging diversity in the legal profession.

Michelle's love for international law, international business, international speaking, and international intellectual property has resulted in her having opportunities in China, Haiti, Russia, South Africa, Singapore, Trinidad & Tobago, Dubai, Peru, Azerbaijan, Tanzania, and most recently Bali. Her corporate business role also led to oversight of corporate operations, oversight, and VAT regulatory compliance in Canada, London, India, the Phillippines, and more.

After working with the Cook County State's Attorney, doing some temporary corporate law contract work, and then working over 12 years as in-house corporate counsel at a multi-national company, Michelle took a leap of faith into entrepreneurship. Michelle's introduction to entrepreneurship was from her dad who would make her complete the contract templates for his roofing business when she was only 14 years old. Because Michelle saw small business ownership as a struggle, for many years she never seriously considered being an entrepreneur. However, as an adult, she missed the freedom that her father had when she was a teen and remembered that entrepreneurship was the key that unlocked his life of freedom. Instead of continuing her corporate career, Michelle decided it was time for a professional pivot so she started this law practice. As a black-woman-owned, faith-based law office, Michelle J. Miller is a stellar legal entrepreneur.

In 2018, Michelle decided to proclaim it is time to OWN YOUR BRILLIANCE™! This message of BRILLIANCE OWNERSHIP started a personal transformation journey for Michelle and not only does she strategically help others to confidently embrace their brilliance, but she also helps people own them. Now, Michelle has the honor of being the undeniable attorney of choice for business and brand protection. Our clients include celebrities, entertainers, ministry leaders, influences, angel investors, and of course goal-getters whom Michelle collectively now refers to as BRILLIONAIRES. In simple terms, a "Brillionaire" is a person that has a wealth of brilliant ideas that can change their income bracket and help many individuals increase their income. After being in business for a couple of years, Michelle realized that she attracted clients who had brilliant ideas that could make them millionaires and billionaires. Accordingly, Michelle made a major decision, and now The M. J. MILLER Law Firm, LLC® will be doing business as The Brillionaires Law Firm®. At our office, we treat every brilliant brand as if it is a billion-dollar trademark! We look forward to helping you identify and protect our business and our intellectual property portfolio.

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