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Meet Your Digital General Counsel

Entrepreneurs, small business and medium size businesses face some of the same issues as large multi-national corporations. The difference is that large corporations have a legal department to handle their problems. Companies have in-house (corporate counsel) or outside counsel. Michelle Miller served as in-house (corporate counsel) over 12 years and after working on a own firm a few years she recognized many smaller companies needed someone that they could call "their lawyer" without the total expenense of hiring lawyer as an employee. After giving this issue consideration, Michelle decided to become the  created an DIGITAL GENERAL COUNSEL opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies that need a General Counsel with out the in-house expense.

Problems Identified & Solved

Often times when a legal issues comes up you need to find a lawyer to assist which could impact business initiatives and goals. The Digital General Counsel program provides  external attorney resource handles and manages the routine legal needs of a business on a part-time basis. Each time you have to hire a difference attorney they need to learn your business to assist your with legal issues which can be cumbersome. Before hiring a full-time in-housel attorney, non-attorney employees – such as managers, executives or even the CEO -are often asked or expected to review contracts, assist with corporate transactions which can create a legal risk with knowing the key legal issues. Plus the strain of regulatory compliance can make doing business difficult.


Financial Benefits.

An General Counsel with regulatory compliance experience, like Michelle Miller, can play a vital role to ensure your company adhere to requirements and potentially reduce the possibility of regulatory fines, fees and even interest. The attorney’s knowledge of the company deepens with each new task. which reduces the need to take time to working with different lawyers or no lawyer at all. No attorney can be a specialist at everything, but an attorney with corporate legal experience is an asset and can give your company the peace of have a legal partner without the higher in-house counsel salary and benefits. An in-house General Counsel (Chief Legal Officer) has a salary range of $160,000 to over $700,000 according to an article released by Cown Partners. A part-time external counsel can be retained at different fee range. An external General Counsel can be a trusted advisor even though he or she is not an employee. In summary, An outside general counsel will provide on-demand legal services to the business without the expense of employing a full-time general counsel.