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We believe all of our clients have brilliant ideas so we treat people like they have billion-dollar businesses and brands no matter where they are in their journey.

Michelle J. Miller, Owner


Who are We?

We are the undeniable law office of choice for business development and expansion along with the protection of your intangible assets.


We are a great office to work for because we give you the ability to work virtually with an opportunity for quick growth in growing industries.


About The Owner

Our owner, Michelle J. Miller, has a unique gift of helping people expand their businesses while protecting their assets. Michelle obtained two law degrees as a single-mother and she went from dealing with the hardship of living in some of Chicago's toughest neighborhoods to be an international attorney, speaker, consultant, and business coach. Michelle is excited about growing a team of brillionaire lawyers who will serve our brillionaire clients.


To offer excellent service as a woman-owned, black-owned law office that creates the ideas, creativity, and businesses of a diverse group of people.


Our vision is to be a cutting-edge sought after boutique law office that service clients ready to capitalize on their creativity and missions.

Trademark Lawyer

Chicago, IL, USA

Intake Specialist

Chicago, IL, USA

Law Student Intern

Chicago, IL, USA

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