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Trademark It Now

If you are wondering when is the best time to register your brand name, logo or slogan on a federal level I have a recommendation for you. I highly recommend that you start the federal trademark process now. I know you're probably thinking to yourself that's what this attorney should say because trademark law is one of her key part of her legal practice. Well, this blog post is to encourage you to take proactive steps to protect your brand. The reality is there is no predetermined timeframe for when someone may see the value of your brand and decide to secure it. Each day you publicly display your brand portfolio protection you take the risk that someone else may start a business, start a brand, and begin the federal trademark process before you. Making brand protection a priority is a personal choice as a business owner, but make sure that you understand the risks of waiting. The risks include the following:

  1. Having trademark protection in a geographic area only;

  2. The inability to stop people in other states from using your brand in other states;

  3. Spending money, that you cannot get back, on a build a brand you don't own;

  4. Someone capitalizing on your brand creativity and confusing your customers; and

  5. Being forced to rebrand and start building your brand all over.

There are many other risks, but I thought I'd list some of them for you. Building a business is a wonderful decision. In the business building process, protecting your business assets, including your intellectual property assets, along the way is very important.

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